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Discover Your Child’s Talent for Music

Course Title

Discover Your Child’s Talent for Music


Increasing the mental activity of the child and activating the hemispheres of the brain.

Increasing children's creativity.

Increasing children's self-confidence and social skills.

Increasing accuracy and improvement in specialized instrument learning.

Informed choice of specialized instrument and talent identification of children during the course.

Course Description

This course includes note reading, rhythm reading, and learning elementary instruments, including bells, kids’ drum, and flute recorder.

In this course, children first get to know music by playing and reciting poetry, and then they start learning elementary instruments. Finally, after passing this course, they can better choose their specialized instrument.

This systematic method of teaching music to children can usually be implemented in groups from the age of three and a half years and privately from the age of 6 years and above.


Age Requirement:
Learners aged 7 years and above

Other Requirements:
Basic understanding of the Farsi language.
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