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Learn How to Sketch the Right Way (Basic level)

Course Title

Learn How to Sketch the Right Way (Basic level)


Being on the right track to sketching and enhancing your drawing skills
Acquiring the skill to analyse simple objects at one dimensional view
Familiarity with and understanding the basics of shading/hatching and Black Pen
Acquiring basic skill of shading/hatching

Course Description

This course is intended for learners aged 9 years and above with no previous training.


Age Requirement:
Learners aged 9 years and above

Other Requirements:
Understanding English language at the intermediate level.

Course Outline

Gaining familiarity with the tools, lines, and basic principles of sketching. (2 sessions)
Sketching simple lifeless objects in a one-dimensional fashion. (8 sessions)
Introduction to Shading/Hatching. (2 sessions)

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