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Unlock the World of Creativity & Art for Children

Course Title

Unlock the World of Creativity & Art for Children


Upon completion of the course, children will:

Craft 5-8 basic to medium-level origami creations, demonstrating proficiency in folding techniques.

Acquire basic drawing skills, including understanding proportions, shading, and creating realistic representations.

Express their thoughts, emotions, and unique perspectives through artwork, showcasing enhanced self-expression.

Demonstrate improved fine motor skills, displaying precise hand-eye coordination and control in art-related tasks.

Exhibit increased confidence and self-esteem in their artistic abilities and accomplishments.

Course Description

Nurturing creativity is vital for developing problem-solving skills, and one of the most effective ways to foster creativity in children is through the world of art. Art not only opens the door to boundless creativity but also promotes relaxation, instills a positive mindset, and boosts self-confidence—an invaluable gift that will accompany them throughout their lives.

Join us in this delightful and engaging online course, where a passionate art teacher will guide your child through the enchanting realms of drawing, sketching, and origami. Our curriculum is meticulously tailored to suit the age and abilities of each individual, ensuring optimal learning outcomes.

Embark on a journey to unlock the transformative power of art and creativity. Enroll your child in our captivating online course on Creativity & Art for Children today!


Age Requirement:
Children aged between 7 and 12 years

Other Requirements:
Basic understanding of the English language. Basic understanding of the Farsi language.
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